The Free Preflop Advisor is available as a mobile download and web compatible app. The free app provides advice on how to play hole cards in a variety of situations for 6-max NL Hold'em tables. Follow the instructions below to get started and optimize your strategy in 3 simple steps. Preflop Strategy 1: Open Raising Charts After reading the previous lesson, you should already know which hands and in what circumstances you may open with a small raise. You've also learned what the upsides and downsides of using charts are. 07.01.2020 · Many people DID NOT like my decision to call preflop with AA! In this video, I talk through my thought process of why I flatted AA in position and give you. We won’t be able to get a calling-station to fold very much, but this is not a big deal when our A-high or K-high hand might simply be the best hand. It’s not great to be checking down a 6-high hand against a calling station we know we never win but at the same time, can’t bluff him, so we tend towards not playing these hands preflop.

Preflop is the most common and important street to get right. Having a solid preflop strategy that is well-considered and difficult to exploit is the foundation of any great player. If your preflop game is strong, it will set you up for profitable scenarios postflop and make your future decisions less difficult. Below is a texas holdem poker pre-flop strategy chart that will help players know when to Call, Fold, Raise or Reraise. Click for details on history, hand rankings/nicknames and poker terminology/glossary. Texas Hold'em Poker Pre-Flop Strategy Chart. BUILDING PREFLOP RANGES. Let’s start by building the range the SB would call with after the CO opens to $10 5bb and we call on the button. Since the SB is a ‘never folds’ kind of player, we should start with a very wide range of hands and remove the hands that would 3bet instead. This may not look like the range you would flat with – but you likely aren’t the kind of player who. How you play your hand pre-flop will change the speed and set the tone for how the final three streets will play. Pre-Flop Holdem Strategy: Your First Chance to Get a Read. When the dealer deals out the hole cards for all the players at the table, the first thing every person wants to do is look at their hole cards. Here's the Catch-22. For a detailed explanation of this and more preflop concepts, get our Preflop Cheat Sheet below. Preflop Starting Hands Cheat Sheet. The Upswing Poker preflop guide makes it easy to play like a pro before the flop, and it has been downloaded by 250,000 poker players. Enter your name and email below to get it for free now!

Starting hand guide for no limit holdem 6 max games. This chart is for beginning players and advocates a really tight-aggressive TAG preflop starting hand strategy. With some experience you can broaden your preflop starting hand range, also your 3betting and 4betting range. By Alton Hardin. I spent a lot of time learning, tweaking and adjusting my 6-max opening raising, calling and 3-betting ranges over the past year trying to identify good, conservative, but strong and aggressive ranges for mainly beginning and struggling 6-max micro stakes poker players.

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